Tutup Seri MotoGP 2017 Dani Pedrosa Raih Podium Pertama Valencia 2017

Dani Pedrosa Raih Podium Pertama Valencia 2017

Mas Bro Gan Sob, Tutup Seri MotoGP 2017 Dani Pedrosa Raih Podium Pertama Valencia 2017. Gelar juara dunia sudah jelas menjadi milik Marc Marquez sejak balapan tersisa 5 lap. Meskipun Marc Marquez sempat melebar di lap ke 23 namun ternyata Andrea Dovizioso melebar dan terjatuh merasakan kerasnya gravel sirkuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia di lap ke 25.

Dengan ini Marc Marquez jelas meraih juara dunia MotoGP 2017. Finish di posisi ke 3 menambah kemeriahan pesta kemenangan Marc Marquez. Hal yang luar biasa juga diperoleh rekan setim Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa yang selalu mampu tampil menakjubkan jika Marc Marquez sedikit mendapatkan melenceng.

Keberhasilan Dani Pedrosa meraih podium pertama diikuti Johan Zarco yang mampu finish di posisi ke 2. Sebuah penampilan yang bagus untuk tim Yamaha satelit.

Berikut hasil wawancara dengan 3 pembalap peraih podium yang saya kutip dari motorsport.com

Marc Marquez

Marquez: “You know, amazing, amazing feeling, during the race I was always trying to be calm, trying to control the situation but suddenly I say ‘okay now it is time to push’ because I felt really good. But in Turn 1 honestly I lost the concentration on the brake point, I brake too late and, you know, Marquez-style until the end.

“I want to congratulate Dovi and all the Ducati staff, because they did amazing, and the fair play was there, so really happy.”

Johann Zarco

Zarco: “I really thought I can win the race, I asked not to show which one is behind me, I wanted to keep a clear mind, and I thought Marquez was behind. But in the end it was Pedrosa, and when he overtook me on the first corner of the last lap, he was clever because he waited a little bit and then I couldn’t go well into the corner. And when I saw it was Dani, I knew I could be stronger than him on the brake, but all the time some metres were missing to overtake him.”

Dani Pedrosa

Pedrosa: “Well, it was a very difficult race because I wasn’t feeling so comfortable with the front, I was struggling with the front grip all race. And I didn’t find the perfect feeling. But at the end I could see that the race was there and I had to go. Johann was very strong all the race, so it was very difficult because he was braking and going into the corner very fast, but in the end I had to try. I try a few different times but I make mistakes, and finally into Turn 1 I could make it stick. Obviously I knew he would come back so I try to block in the rest of the track.

“Amazing to finish the season in that style, and I’m very proud because in front of all these people it’s amazing.”

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